What is eSports Betting?

Are you getting a little tired and inspired playing all the usual slot games, table games, scratch cards and bingo games at online casino sites? Are you looking to try something a little different? Then eSports betting could be exactly what you are looking for!

A Rundown on eSports Betting

eSports betting is the shorter nickname given to a form of online casino playing called electronic sports. This is also commonly known as competitive gaming so no matter whether you hear a site talking about electronic sports, eSports betting or competitive gaming, they all meant the same thing! So, what exactly is eSports betting? Well, it is an organised multiplayer competition for online video games and this covers quite a wide spectrum of available video games. Some of the different types of video games that you can have a go at while taking part in competitive gaming include first-person shooter, strategy real-time multiplayer online arena battle and even lots of thrilling fighting games.
Germany was the first country to introduce this form of competitive online game playing, but since then it has spread like wildfire across the globe and you can find it in a whole host of countries. Europe is a huge market for eSports betting, while another huge market that you will find lots of games and competitions available in South Korea.

Popular eSports Betting Games

If you are feeling confident and want to take part in the world’s biggest competitive gaming competitions, then the tournaments you will want to look out for are intel extreme masters and League of Legends World Championship. The prize money alone is enough to get you excited to play in these tournaments as there is a massive amount up for grabs. Win one of these tournaments and you could be taking home millions of dollars’ worth in prize money. How crazy is that? You never know, you could take part on one of these competitive gaming tournaments and come out a millionaire!

Even if you don’t think you’ll be able to take home the top prize, these are just fantastic tournaments to play in as you’ll not only get the excitement of the actual game but also the thrill of the crowd. eSports betting tournaments have become so huge that the bigger ones gather massive crowds. In fact, just in 2013 alone, these types of competitive events brought in over a whopping 71 million viewers and in the last 3 years this number has only continued to grow and grow. This is partly due to the new viewers that have joined because of all the cool new streaming services that are now available, which just makes the games all that more exciting!

There are a few popular eSports games that we would recommend that you check out as we know you’ll have hours of fun playing them. This includes games such as Doha 2, World of Tanks, Starcraft II, League of Legend, Call of Duty, and Counter Strike.